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NeoCare’s 24-hour Emergency Department is equipped to handle all types of pediatric emergencies including injuries, trauma, burns, poisoning, infectious diseases, seizures, and asthma etc.

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We are team of professionals with a shared vision to provide affordable quality health care based on ethical practices. We rely on our team of Qualified experienced people, Best practices and Repeatable processes and adopt Modern technology.We pride ourselves for being able to consistently provide ethical health care and differentiate ourselves in terms of lower Patient Admission Days, lower Medicine & Investigations per Admission while continuing to provide quality health care and deal with all kinds of Pediatric, Neonatal, Gynec and other emergencies.

Dr. Hari Kishore


Provide quality healthcare enriched by ethics and expertise.


Caring -Compassion-Integrity-Excellence-Transparency.


Bring back ethics to quality medical care by embracing best practices enabled by modern technology. Practice preventive over curative healthcare thus ensuring holistic wellness.

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